Monday, April 2, 2012

April 1 - The Yellow Brick Road

The card that marks the beginning of my tarot blog, from the Inner Child Cards, is the Yellow Brick Road (The Sun). What a lovely card to begin this journey with! This card promises that my new daily tarot journaling practice will be a fun and enlightening adventure, and perhaps also the beginning of a happy new phase in my life.

The Sun card in this deck shows Dorothy and her companions setting out on the Yellow Brick Road. I think this affirms my above interpreration and also serves as a reminder that the way to getting where I want to go in life is by following my passions and staying happy and optimistic throughout the journey. The Law of Attraction states that we attract to us that which matches our vibration, so I think it is vitally important for me to keep a positive attitude focus on the things I want and feel good about them in order to draw them to me faster.

Today I will also take the time to think about the essence of my desires, just to be sure I am clear on what I want and what I think it will bring me.

Interesting observation: Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the sun, which is also my ruling planet. An auspicious omen for the first day of this blog, I'd say!

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