Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2 - Five of Wands

Today I used one of my favorite decks, the Crystal Visions Tarot, for my daily reading. The card I drew was the Five of Wands. I've been getting this card a lot lately. Also,  three fives, including this one, came up for my monthly reading, so I feel like this card is really trying to get my attention.

In this deck, the Five of Wands shows three men in defensive stances. In front of them are two fighting lions. Each of the men is holding a staff, but the remaining two staves are lying crossed on the ground. The lions have no need of them. They're relying on the weapons they came into the world with: strength and fangs and claws. Being a Leo and having dreamt of a lion recently, I feel that the symbolism of the lions is important here.

What I feel the card is trying to hint at is that I have within me everything I need to achieve my desires and stand out against my competition. More of than not, I don't feel that way. Rather, I feel hopeless, as if I don't have the skills and talent to do the things I want in life... at least not to the point where I could make a living doing them. But this card is reminding me that if my desires are aligned with my higher self, then I will find that I already have everything I need to attain them. I just need to have more faith and not be so harsh with myself.

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