Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9 - King of Cups

Wow, this is the third day in a row that I've drawn a court card as my card for the day.

This card often represents a certain friend of mine. The funny thing is that while I go by the general rule that unmarried men under the age of thirty-five are represented by the knights,ever since I started dating a certain guy who was also a Scorpio, the cards started giving me the knight of this suit for my boyfriend and the king for the friend, so I could better tell the difference, I suppose. The boyfriend is no longer a part of my life, but my friend has remained the King of Cups.

My dad is also a King of Cups, so I'm assuming this card means that either he or my friend will play an important part in my day. Either that or I'll find myself in a situation where I'll have to show compassion or give advice of an emotional nature.

Update: I have indeed experienced renewed communications with my friend in the days following this draw. :)

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