Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6 - 10 of Swords

Yikes! I never like pulling the Ten of Swords, but yesterday I watched The Passion of the Christ, and today is Good Friday, to this card makes sense as it captures the essence of Jesus's crucifixion.

I think this card is saying I should think about the topic of death and rebirth in my own life. Is there anything in my life now that isn't serving my greatest good and my highest ideals? What can I let go of so that I will be more aligned with what I'm trying to create?

Old habits die hard, but sometimes the reward is worth the sacrifice.

Update: I was really hoping that none of those typical, nasty Ten of Swords scenarios would play out today, but alas I had a very unfortunate confrontation with a customer service representative from my wireless service provider. Im still shaken up. Grrr.

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