Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 3

* I have no idea why the photo is tinted blue.

I did an expanded reading today because I wanted to look deeper into a something I've been anxious about.

This year I signed up for an acting class, and I'm having my personal evaluation with the instructor today. I'm nervous about it because I haven't been doing as well as in the class I would have liked.
For this reading, I chose the Vanessa tarot, because it features characters from TV and entertainment, so I thought it was the perfect deck for a reading about acting.

These are the cards I got:

1. The Challenges - Ten of Wands
2. The Benefits - The Moon
3. The Evaluation - The High Priestess
4. Card of the day - Three of Cups

The card representing the challenges I've faced, the Ten of Wands, shows a girl surrounded by books and getting ready to write, but apparently a bit overwhelmed by the size of her project. The way I relate to this is that I have, as usual, set very high expectations for myself. For someone who has had no previous acting experience and suffers from stage fright, this has proved to be quite a burden.

I also notice the blank pages on the card. To me they represent the thing that was most difficult for me in the class  -- the improv. I find it so hard to come up with something on the spot, and my mind usually turns up blank.

There are many layers to the Moon card here. The first thing that comes to mind is that I have faced some of my fears and grown more confident as a result. I've also had some practice digging into the creativity of my subconscious mind, even if it was difficult at the best of times.

I notice the hand offering the woman a lobster on a platter. Together with Anthony Louis's suggestion that The Moon can represent acting and/or the entertainment industry (Tarot: Plain and Simple), 1 think this means I've gained something valuable to take with me should I decide to pursue this path.
The thing that drawn my attention about this deck's High Priestess card is that she is holding up a mirror. This gives me the impression that the instructor will likely put more importance on how I feel I have progressed than on her own observations, which seems congruent to her teaching method up until this point.

My card for the day is the lovely Three of Cups, promising that it will be a day full of joy and reasons to celebrate. The Galaxy Note I just bought is already one reason!

Update: I ended up late for my evluation due to traffic, so we had to do it during class break. This turned out to be a great thing because the scene I performed before break was possibly my best yet, and I believe if may have changed the tone of the evaluation. The instructor did have some suggestions for improvement, which I'm glad for, but as I predicted it was it about the progress I feel I've made.

Overall, it was a wonderful day!

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