Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5 - Wheel of Fortune!

The Wheel of Fortune made an appearance again today -- twice, at that! The first time I selected it, I was on the phone, so I had doubts about whether or not my draw was accurate, since I wasn't focused on the cards. So after I hung up, I reshuffled and chose again. And again, I got the Wheel. 

Wow, that's really something. I love this card. It usually heralds great things. A few years ago, I drew it as my daily card, then later that day I went to the casino, chose a slot machine that called to me, and viola -- there was my $5,000 jackpot! Of course, the Wheel usually doesn't predict huge jackpots. That particular day, my draw was accompanied by a strong urge to go to the casino. I'm not going there today (though I did play the lottery. just in case). 

Something great is on the way, I can feel it!

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